1. Facebook.app for iOS [v. 88.0] cleans up duplicates

    This post follows up the Analysis of the Facebook.app for iOS [v. 87.0]. The version 88.0 of the Facebook.app has now been released: As you can see from the smaller download size, the duplicated resources have been removed. This is confirmed by looking at the app content using GrandPerspective: Only some really small resources escaped the cleanup. The ‘FBFacecastTipJarResources’ resources are indeed still duplicated. Example: Facebook.app/Frameworks/FBSharedFramework.framework/FBFacecastTipJarResources/tip3b.json.gz Facebook.app/Frameworks/FBSharedFramework.framework/tip3b.json.gz
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  2. Analysis of the Facebook.app for iOS [v. 87.0]

    6 months ago I analyzed the version 66.0 of the Facebook.app for iOS: https://blog.timac.org/2016/1018-analysis-of-the-facebook-app-for-ios The version 66.0 was a 165 MB app on an iPad Air 2 (64-bit). It was a monolithic app with its main binary being more than 100 MB. The version 87.0 is now available: 253 MB on the same iPad Air 2 with only 64-bit code. In just 6 months, the Facebook.app size grew by 88 MB!
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