1. Analysis of the Nest app for iOS

    Lately, many people have wondered why some iOS apps were so huge. I asked myself this question and analyzed the Facebook application for iOS v. 66.0 in 2016 and v. 87.0 in 2017. In this article, I dissect the Nest app (5.30.5) for iOS released on 29.11.2018. There has been quite some speculations about this app in a thread started by John Gruber on Twitter: This post will answer some simple questions about this specific app: Which technologies are used? Why is the app so big? Would it be possible to reduce the app size?
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  2. Facebook.app for iOS [v. 88.0] cleans up duplicates

    This post follows up the Analysis of the Facebook.app for iOS [v. 87.0].
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  3. Analysis of the Facebook.app for iOS [v. 87.0]

    In this article, I analyze the version 87.0 of the Facebook.app for iOS.
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