1. Deobfuscated libMobileGestalt keys (iOS 12)

    libMobileGestalt is a private library in iOS that describes the capabilities of the device: system version, build version, device type, device features, status of the airplane mode, … Apple obfuscates this information which makes it hard to know the capabilities of the device. In January 2017, I presented a method for Deobfuscating libMobileGestalt keys. At that time there were 673 known obfuscated keys and I managed to recover 564 out of the 673 keys (83%). Since this previous article, Apple has released 2 major iOS versions, and new obfuscated keys have been added. In this post I quickly recap what is libMobileGestalt and provide the updated list of recovered keys.
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  2. Deobfuscating libMobileGestalt keys

    /usr/lib/libMobileGestalt.dylib is a private library which provides an API to retrieve the capabilities of the iOS device, as well as some runtime information: system version, build version, device type, current status of the airplane mode, …
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  3. CryptedHelloWorld: App with encrypted mach-o sections

    In a previous post ( constructor and destructor attributes ), I described the constructor attribute and mentioned software protection as a possible use case: A constructor attribute could be used to implement a software protection. You could encrypt your executable with a custom encryption and use a constructor function to decrypt the binary just before it is loaded. In this post I describe such a protection with an example.
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