1. Appleā€™s use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 15

    iOS 15 was released a few months ago in September 2021. In this article, I analyze the built-in apps composing iOS 15. How many binaries are in iOS 15? Which programming languages are used to develop these apps? How many apps are written with Swift? Has Apple adopted SwiftUI for some built-in apps?
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  2. SwiftLint for Swift Packages

    SwiftLint is a great tool to enforce Swift style and conventions. Thanks to the Xcode Build Phases, integrating SwiftLint in an Xcode project is simple: a Build Phase automatically triggers swiftlint when compiling your project. Sadly at the moment, you can’t easily integrate SwiftLint with Swift Packages: A Swift Package has no Build Phases and no way to automatically runs scripts. This article explains how to use a post action script in Xcode to automatically trigger SwiftLint afer a successful Swift Package compilation.
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  3. Mac App Store: Embedding a Command Line tool using paths as arguments

    A couple of months ago, I released a new app called Dependencies on the Mac App Store. You can download and try it for free at https://apps.apple.com/app/dependencies/id1538972026. In this article, I explain how I built the command line support and released it in the Mac App Store. Implementing this feature turned out to be tricky, mostly due to the lack of documentation on this specific subject. This post might be of interest if you are planning to add a Command Line tool to your app distributed on the Mac App Store.
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